Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crayfish from Lake Bunyonyi

In south western Uganda between Kibale and Kisori lies one of the deepest lakes in Africa, Lake Bunyonyi.  Its name means "the place of many little birds".  It doesn't take long to realize that this a suitable name for the place, however it was not the birds that got us excited about our visit there, but something that lives in the lake.  Lake Bunyonyi is one of the few places in Uganda where freshwater crayfish live.

We took the opportunity to enjoy the local fare and after visiting a fisherman we had a bucket full of live crayfish who were headed straight for a large steaming pot.  After cooking them, we piled them on some newspaper and began peeling and eating.  Their meat was so tender and delicious and during the gourmet experience, there was very little conversation between us.  Those little morsels of freshwater crayfish meat were a highlight and we know exactly what we will be dining on during our next visit to Lake Bunyonyi.

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