Our Landy

When it's time to hit the road for a safari or an adventure, this is our ride, a 1991 Land Rover Discovery.  We love this car!  It's been apart in more pieces than you can imagine several times and I'm sure not for the last time.  Owning a 20 year old car is not for the faint of heart, however we wouldn't trade it for the world.  It has great fuel efficiency at 10 plus kilometres to the litre fully loaded.  Kevin loves to tinker and he does all of the work himself.  Since purchasing the car, we have made several modifications to suit our road trips including:

  • A roof rack with an attached awning and roof top tent
  • Rebuilding the engine
  • Upgraded the headlights to 100 watt halogens which required a lot of rewiring
  • Spotlights on the bull bar 
  • Heavy duty suspension to carry loads - Rob's Magic Gabriel suspension
  • Installed a second battery with an isolator switch to run our camp fridge
  • Ironman split charging battery system
  • Added front and back jacking points to accommodate a high lift jack
  • Custom canvas seat covers to protect the seats and hold maps, water bottles etc.
  • Tinted the windows for privacy
  • Added a ladder on the back
  • Added a 12 volt accessory socket for extra goodies
  • Installed an inverter for charging cameras and laptops
  • Custom built drawer system
Stay tuned for more as this is an ongoing project!

Land Rover Discovery on Safari  - photo gallery