Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lunch in a Tropical Oasis on The Nile

Some restaurants are unrivaled in terms of location.  Sitting at our table in the restaurant of Wildwaters Lodge, we conclude that this is without doubt, one of those places.  The location is extremely unique, exotic and romantic, however we aren't gazing at each other because we can't take our eyes off the view.

Wildwaters Lodge is situated on a private island in The Nile River accessible only by boat.  We park the Discovery in the secure parking lot and wait on the dock for the boat to pick us up.  As we wait, we take in our surroundings and get a glimpse of one of the ten guest rooms and are eager to see what else awaits us on the island.  Butterflies flutter around us, water birds fly above us and when we look closely at the crystal water below us,
we see fish swimming and in the background we hear the sound of the mighty Nile River crashing over the rocks.  A wooden canoe comes gliding across the water towards us and as it nestles in next to the dock we are greeted with big smiles and welcomed to Wildwaters.  We are given life jackets and gently climb in the canoe and take our seats.  The sun is shining in a perfectly powder blue sky speckled with fluffy white clouds as we are paddled over to the island.  We admire our surroundings and enjoy the scenery from the water level.

When we arrive on the island we are led over elevated wooden walkways to the restaurant.  We enter through beautiful hand carved timber doors and are taken to a table for two. The restaurant is under a high thatch roof and overlooks the natural rock swimming pool.  Just a few metres beyond the pool is a thundering rapid in the Nile River.  As we stare into the idyllic natural surroundings we sink our teeth into a fish burger, fish and chips and wash it down with ice cold beer.  After a satisfying meal, we aren't ready to tear ourselves away just yet so we indulge in a chocolate dessert and cappuccinos.  Eventually, we stroll back over the walkways to the canoe which takes us back to the mainland.  Our time at Wildwaters was too short since we only visited for lunch.  This incredibly beautiful serene lodge is definitely worth spending more time at, the location is like nothing we have experienced before. 

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