Thursday, November 1, 2012

Big Birding Day - Results

White Backed Night Heron
This years Big Birding Day in Uganda was the biggest and most successful to date. Although several species seemed to elude us during the 24 hour period, Team Jinja had a great day counting 133 species which put us in 8th place (official results).

Congratulations to all who participated and especially to the winners!

Highlights of the Day

Seeing the White Back Night Heron, a tick for most of the team.

Seeing two Crowned Eagles flying overhead.

Finally finding an African Jacana, a common bird that had eluded us most of the day.


Pink Backed Pelican
Long tailed Cormorant
African Darter
Great Cormorant
Little Bittern
White Backed Night Heron
Striated Heron
Cattle Egret
Little Egret
Great Egret
Purple Heron
Grey Heron
Black Headed Heron
Yellow Billed Stork
African Open Billed Stork
Marabou Stork
Sacred Ibis
Hadada Ibis
Black Kite
Palm Nut Vulture
African Fish Eagle
Hooded Vulture
Lizard Buzzard
African Harrier Hawk
Long Crested Eagle
African Crowned Eagle
Helmeted Guineafowl
Black Crake
African Jacana
Water Thick Knee
Rock Pratincole
Spurwing Lapwing
Common Sandpiper
Gull Billed Tern
White Winged Tern
Speckled Pigeon
Tambourine Dove
Blue Spotted Wood Dove
Ring Necked Dove
Red Eyed Dove
Laughing Dove
African Grey Parrot
Great Blue Turaco
Eastern Grey Plantain Eater
African Cuckoo
White Browed Coucal
African Palm Swift
Speckled Mousebird
Pied Kingfisher
Giant Kingfisher
Woodland Kingfisher
Malachite Kingfisher
African Pygmy Kingfisher
Little Bee Eater
White Throated Bee-eater
Crowned Hornbill
Black and White Casqued Hornbill
Yellow Throated Tinkerbird
Speckled Tinkerbird
Yellow Fronted Tinkerbird
Yellow Spotted Barbet
Hairy Breasted Barbet
Double Toothed Barbet
Yellow Billed Barbet
Angola Swallow
Barn Swallow
African Pied Wagtail
Yellow Wagtail
Common Bulbul
Yellow Whiskered Greenbul
Little Greenbul
Red Tailed Greenbul
Yellow Throated Greenbul
White Throated Greenbul
White Browed Robin Chat
Yellow Longbill
Winding Cisticola
Grey Capped Warbler
Tawny Flanked Prinia
Grey Backed Camaroptera
Buff Throated Apalis
Northern Black Flycatcher
Swamp Flycatcher
Brown Throated Wattle Eye
Chestnut Wattle Eye
Red Bellied Paradise Flycatcher
African Paradise Flycatcher
African Blue Flycatcher
White Shouldered Tit
Yellow White Eye
Olive Bellied Sunbird
Green Throated Sunbird
Green Sunbird
Little Green Sunbird
Scarlet Chested Sunbird
Red Chested Sunbird
Collared Sunbird
Grey Backed Fiscal
Black Headed Gonolek
Northern Puffback
Pied Crow
Western Black Headed Oriole
Ruppell's Long Tailed Starling
Splendid Starling
Grey Headed Sparrow
Black Headed Weaver
Black Necked Weaver
Grosbeak Weaver
Golden Backed Weaver
Slender Billed Weaver
Little Weaver
Yellow Backed Weaver
Orange Weaver
Weynes's Weaver
Yellow Mantled Weaver
Black Bishop
Fan Tailed Widowbird
White Breasted Negrofinch
Grey Headed Negrofinch
Red Cheeked Cordon Bleu
Red Billed Firefinch
African Firefinch
Black Crowned Waxbill
Bronze Mannikin
Black and White Mannikin
Pin Tailed Whydah
Village Indigobird
Brimstone Canary
Yellow Fronted Canary

Sunrise over Bujagali Lake
Striated Heron
On Bujagali Lake
Little Egret
Pied Kingfishers
Birding on Bujagli Lake
Africa Open Billed Stork

Some children we met that were fascinated by our spotting scope

Immature Fish Eagle

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