Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Colorful Chameleon

Sometimes we don't have to go far to encounter interesting creatures.  This chameleon was spotted sitting on our window basket outside our kitchen window.  Once we knew we had a chameleon living in our plants, we would periodically check in on it to see what it was up to.  Slowly it moved along the steel basket and through the growing herbs gently swaying back and forth.  

Patience even bought us a fly catching show.  Two eyes moving independently from each other focusing in on the target and then with great speed and accuracy, the long tongue rapidly extending from it's mouth before quickly drawing it back in again with captured prey.  Another amazing attribute of the chameleon is the ability to change color.  The main reason for this is social signalling, secondary to that communication is camouflage. 

There is a lot of superstition surrounding chameleons in Africa and they are feared by many.  It is not know exactly where this originates from, but most Ugandans that we've met cringe at the sight of a chameleon.

We're not sure where this chameleon moved on to but we sure enjoyed the time he spent with us!

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